A Welcome Message from our Principal


Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school website.  St Patrick’s Primary school Griffith is not only a school of learning dedicated to providing a quality education, but it is also a community of Faith which openly recognises Christ and seeks to live and proclaim His Gospel message. St Patrick’s is in the Sacred Heart Parish in Griffith. We work closely with the Parish and celebrate many significant feastdays as a Parish community. Our commitment is to bring together faith and learning in ways that are real and meaningful to our own lives and which ultimately reflect the life and message of Jesus Christ.

Here at St Patrick’s we are committed to supporting parents and caregivers as the first and primary educators of children. We assume the belief that education is a partnership operation. It is in working as partners, in supporting and encouraging each other’s efforts that we benefit in bringing children to a genuine knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live. Together it is hoped that efforts of co-operation and mutual support will complement each other through the sharing of a common vision and of common goals.

St Patrick’s is a school that is looking to the future. We believe that we should be preparing our students to take their place in a society that is ever changing. We endeavour to produce young people who are creative, critical, cultured, compassionate, and courageous, and are able to demonstrate that in their daily lives. Our School motto is ‘Do all things well.’ We hope to make this a reality is all our students lives.

Sandra Campbell

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