Daily Routine


8.30am Supervision commences
8.50am First Bell
8.55am Second Bell - classes commence
8.55am-11.15am First Session
11.15am-12noon Lunch
12noon - 1.35pm Second Session
1.45pm-2.10pm Afternoon Tea
2.10pm - 3.10pm Third Session
3.10pm Dismissal
3.30pm Teachers supervision ceases except for bus students


Our duty of care towards our students is of utmost concern during times of playground supervision. For reasons of safety and concern playground rules apply. Various areas of the playground are designated as "out of bounds" and various types of games are considered unacceptable.

Supervision times at St Patrick's School are between 8.30am and 3.30pm - except for those children travelling by bus who will be supervised until the last bus departs.

Any children remaining in the school grounds after 3.30pm will be taken to the office.

Parents should ensure that children arrive at school in good time so that Morning Prayers and Roll Call are not interrupted. As the attendance rolls will be marked electronically by 9am, we ask that all students arriving after this time, report to the office for a late slip. Students absent from school must bring a written note on their return. This note is filed in the Class Roll. A phone call is also appreciated.

All children are to remain in the school grounds during school hours. Those wishing to go home for lunch or needing to leave the school grounds for any reason must have a written note from their parents, and permission from a member of the School Executive.


Pre and Post School Supervision

Please click here to find out where supervision is provided before and after school.


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